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18 March 2005


For who loves the swatches, World Museum offers a renewed environment. At two years from the opening, the watches exposed in the shop windows are renewed and selected between the beyond 5000 of the Barindelli Collection that has held, since 1998, the Guinness World worldwide record. In exposition a rich series of Chrono, Scuba, Solar, Stopwatch, Aquachrono, Automatic, with a particular attention to the changes. Unique pieces, of extraordinary importance in the swatch survey. Of big importance also the Loomi models, the swatches which lighten. In the windows of the panels, very rare watches chosen by an International Scientific Committee are kept, between which the famous Original Jelly of 1983. In plastic, all gleaming with the mechanisms which glimpse themselves, it represents at that time a true item of news in the field of the worldwide watchmaking. A therefore inalienable visit, to the discovery of the collections never shown to the museum, dipped between technology and design. The visitors can appreciate at the best the swatch world, thanks to the tireless activity of the friends of the World Museum, who on every Sunday will receive them. The exchange event will develop as usually in the internal Arese Jacini palace courtyard, to leave since the hours 9,30, up to 18,00. Free admittance. The event foresees entertainings and games for the audience in afternoon. Everyone is invited. The first game, entitled "realize a big art work together", foresees the use of over 2000 coloured metal elements. The participants will create a significant artistic work. Besides goes on for the second time the "reward fidelity". News are published in detail on web site. A special packaging wil be realized for the event. Informations: tel +39 3338594496 tel/fax +39 362570971

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